Property Management for your Orlando, Windermere or Winter Garden home

We offer full service, full-time property management.  Whether renting your home or property or building up a real estate investment portfolio is your goal, you will be able to enjoy the financial and personal satisfaction of real estate ownership without the day to day responsibility of property management. We will handle all the administrative and operational details for you. No need for you to arrange repairs, collect rent, screen tenants. We do it all. Hiring a professional property management company is the key to successful real estate investing and will give you peace of mind.

Which situation applies to you?

First-time landlord. Do not go it alone. Most owners run into costly problems exceeding the cost of managing. The possibility of this headache is just not worth it.

- Extended vacancy. The home is empty for months. The property manager is unable to timely place a qualified tenant.

- Bad tenants who damage the property. The Tenants were not screened properly or the standards for acceptance were too low.

- High maintenance cost. Your vendors are overcharging you for A/C repair, Plumbing repair, Electrical repair, or Handyman work.

Why hire us?

  • We are real estate professionals.We have been successfully placing tenants and managing properties since 2002
  • Attorney Prepared lease
  • First class Credit, criminal background, and eviction screening
  • Experienced maintenance staff.
  • Affordable management fees.
  • No upfront fees and no unnecessary fees. We do not charge setup fees or advertising fees. You pay two, and two fees only. A leasing fee and management fee.
  • Detailed monthly statement
  • Excellent occupancy and tenant retention rates
  • Disbursement on or before the 10th of each month by direct deposit
  • 14 years  experience to quickly rent your home
  • 24 hr Access to  your Owner portal
  • Tenants can pay in person, by check or by using the tenant portal
  • No long-term contract. You may cancel anytime if you are unsatisfied.
  • Sophisticated marketing plan
  • Documentation of your home before and after occupancy.
  • We place a tenant within 30 days guaranteed or the management fee is waived for the first 2 months
  • We most likely visit the home first to check on the maintenance issue, and to make a decision on the most economical solution.
  • We work with screened vendors who charge competitive rates and give great service because of the business volume we give them.

Our Management Fees: 

Leasing fee:  60% of one month's rent when we place a tenant for a 12-month lease 

Monthly management fee: 8-10% of the monthly rent.    

Annual renewal fee:    $ 150 for each additional year or portion thereof.        

We do not charge any other fees. You do not pay for setup fees, advertising, repair oversight fees or other charges related to renting your property.

Let's Talk. Call 407-701-6814 or complete the form to receive your free and no obligation management proposal today.