May 5, 2017

Rental tips

We are closing in on the season that a lot of Americans plan a move. Finding a home to rent can be tricky.  Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous people who are out to get your money without delivering the goods. The rental experience can also be bad because of owners not knowing the law and or not willing to maintain the home properly.

10 signs you may getting into trouble when you encounter this.

-  The rental rate is too good to be true 

-  You are not allowed to view the home before handing over the deposit.

-  You have to send money by the Western Union and are not able to hand it over in person. 

-  The person you are dealing with does not ask you questions or presents you an application but is just interested in the deposit.

-   The "owner's" name you write on the check does not match the tax records.

-   You will be asked for more than two months rent to get a discount on the rent.

-   The person you are dealing with is unwilling to identify himself.

-   You find the home listed online with an agent who does not have the same name as the person you are dealing with.

-   The home is in disrepair and the person you are dealing with tells you he will fix it once you move in.

-   The yard is bad shape because of lack of water or lack of lawn maintenance.

5 Tips to get a good rental experience.

- Do not rent from an individual owner. Rent a home in the portfolio of a management company. A management company has the resources to get the repairs done quickly and has a reputation to protect. Individual owners are often not good with timely repairs.

- Use to find your home. It is the most accurate website to find a rental home. You will not be wasting your time calling on homes which have already been rented weeks ago.There are sites out there who just do not want to keep information current.

- Use an agent familiar with the area and view a couple of homes. The agent knows the area and can tell you about schools, transportation, and shopping. 

- Make sure the home is in good repair before you decide to put down your hard earned money. 

- Review the proposed lease before handing over the deposit.

Happy renting

March 20, 2017

Orlando Housing Market Statistics

Orlando Real Estate Market: status 2/17


Altamonte Springs Median Sales Price: $170,000, quarterly changed: 0%

Apopka  Median Sales Price: $219,000, quarterly changed: 18%

Clermont  Median Sales Price: $220,000, quarterly changed: 2%

Kissimmee Median Sales Price: $240,000, quarterly changed: 2%

Ocoee Median Sales Price: $280,000, quarterly changed: 17%

Orlando Median Sales Price: $240,000, quarterly changed: 5%

Windermere Median Sales Price: $600,000, quarterly changed: 8%

Winter Garden Median Sales Price: $366,000, quarterly changed: 4%

Winter Park Median Sales Price: $790,000, quarterly changed: 15%


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March 13, 2017

Estoppel Fees

I just appealed to our State Senators to cap the Estoppel fees. Estoppel fees are the fees that community association management companies may charge a seller to provide information about their association dues, fees and assessments prior to closing.Capping estoppel fees is important to the seller. It will protect the seller from exorbitant fees.

March 13, 2017

Windermere Shopping

New Windermere Shopping Plaza Coming Soon 


Construction may start soon on the new upscale shopping plaza on the corner of County Road 535 and Fiquette Rd. The new shopping plaza will be constructed next to the new West Orange high school. The shopping plaza will have a Fresh Market store.

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